Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I wish

i had this for meand this for B
all built by wendy

now if i only had some money

whoa french vogue

french vogue uses trans gender model. read about it hereyup thats a dick

shop contrary

love love contrary on etsy. next paycheck i am making a investment. most items are around $30! which one should i get?????????????a peanut/pocketknife for self defense
a beehive to symbolize my love for my B!
a letterpress necklace with my new initial?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Choir Of Young Believers (Claustrophobia)

still love this band, and this song so lovable

heat wave

it is in the 80's all week here. which is pretty much a heat wave for Seattle. Yesterday after suffering through cleaning our apt all day. B and i went to Denny Blaine beach! My favorite beach! it was so clear that when you swam out you could see mount Rainier in all its glory! How lucky are we. I was a little worried about my sad toe, but it was ok.we came back and I made a yummy salad with
-goat cheese
-red onion
and a little tomato because i have to put that on everything ya know!

then we watched The Exorcist

oh the romance

my sad shoe

Thursday, July 22, 2010

milking it

I have a very magical gift for injuring myself in the most ridiculous ways. Never broke a bone (knocks on wood), sprained anything, or had any major surgery with the exception of wisdom teeth and adenoids. I have however
-stepped on a nail age 4
-tore my cornea after getting sand in my eye on the playground age 7
-set my hair on fire and suffered serious burns on my neck age 25
-blackened my right ass cheek after falling down stairs age 25
-dislocated my knee cap, playing right field in softball ( i tried to be a joiner) age 13
- blistered the interior of my hand on a sparkler, safe for kids my ass age 27
-tore the skin on my knee in half after riding a bike down stairs age 8
today while walking into work I somehow rammed my foot into the point of a escalator. I was wearing my jeffery campbell havana sandals that were falling apart already so they offered no protection . I felt a gross wetness and looked down to see my shoe filling up with blood. I limped through all the connected buildings with my foot slipping. Praying not to run into any clients. I called my coworker to come meet me with a towel. As soon as she saw me she was in stitches, and then gagged. Mona my coworker is the ebony to my ivory btw. She cleaned me up very nice while I shoved doritos in my mouth and complained. There was so much blood she had to ask which toe it was. I didn't know to be honest, it didn't hurt really the blood just creeped me out. It is really really wet and sticky. ugh *gag* It was just one big gash * gag*

I called everyone who I thought might care and sent pictures of my shoe. It reminded me of romy and michelle's high school reunion, which I love to quote.

What you see above is my rad husbands handy work, he should be a murse.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

party 2.0

here are some shots from my detroit party that i borrowed and stole from my friends. i love all these pretty girls dancinghere are our pretty vases, so sad two of them broke...
my tall drink (if he saw this ,he would say, dont put me on the internet!)
yummm yummm the best wedding food
this picture makes me want to cry, Josh and his momma
my cake on its stand!
sweet pea in my heart glasses " i only have eyes for you"
our candybar , i had no idea it would be such a big hit. got tore up!

Je souhaite pour..............

Here we have 4 things I have been begging Josh for. He has finally agreed and is stoked about one of them! Can you guess which one?a sweet shiba inu?
a baby teacup or potbellied pig?
ruffled waterfall curtains?
a honda passport built for two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

************* its the bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!************** all my dreams are coming true!*******

maybe I could put the dog and the pig in the scooters basket? maybe hefner too, if he can hold it together. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wallpaper WoW Weeeeees!

Oh dear, this birdhouse wall paper makes my head want to explode. Cute wallpaper like these from lesouk drive a nail into my eternal renters heart
it just looks like porcelain!

this would look great in my future mansions dressing room!

moon river

still since age 11 one of my favorite movies and songs..... Only recently did I read truman capote's book and sadly today left it on the plane. Maybe it will become a good luck charm for someone


So with all the wedding chaos over. Josh and I are home safe and sound and I will be back to posting things that dont just involve myself and my wedding......... Well maybe still some more of that. Here are some more amazing Esme shots of MOI! In my amazing Phillip Lim dress!
The cutie I am standing with is my 84 year old grampa!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

cha cha

Loving these "mexi?" style shirts for years. I once asked a waitress at Los Galanes where she got her red version. I think she thought I was kidding. Anyways! Imagine how cute this would look with a high waisted black skirt, jeans, or little cropped cigarette pants! le sigh. Its the new basic something!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


cant believe i had never seen this before. such a cute movie! Love Love the soundtrack and the views of san fran!!!!!!! xox

we are stars!

read about us on my sweet esme's bloghow lucky am I to have you as a friend! You are a wonderful artist and a amazing person!

Monday, July 5, 2010


this is the dress i want...... i'm on the hunt! i like it because
A. it goes with my shoes
B. it goes with my headband
C. it goes with me
D. still has a bridal feeling (to me)
E. could be worn again!!!!!!!!