Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The cutest smoke detector in the world


Monday, June 25, 2012


I feel like all I have been doing is working and house stuff. Its ok though the pay off will be big... but not with out obstacles galore. So our dryer broke and I have to get pretty creative because we had a pile up. Here are the new stairs and new up stairs room! Who knew wood could be so sexy! Also here is the new closet! We had our friend Aaron tear it apart and rebuild in better storage. It was no nice to put its contents back in and not have it piled on the floor! I should have taken a before pic but it was not pretty..... OK! back to work!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Pink Cheese

So stoked to show you my friend Brads Illustrations! They capture a very off the wall cheeky kinda humor that I always remember him for. I like to think I inspired the fly girl. wha wha. dream on bebe THE PINK CHEESE

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Dress

I have to more weddings to attend this year.Trying to decide if I will splurge on a dress or just make due with one I have. Its between these to girls... Both Madewell OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!


In the middle of a few home projects. I snapped these two shots yesterday as I found myself overwhelmed and maybe a little high from the smell of floor varnish

God! Dont be such a Beach House

Things to do in Detroit

-Fall asleep with a cheeseburger -Snuggle a new Berry ! -Hang with your dawgs -Fight a Unicorn -Take in the ambiance

Babe of the week #42

Andrea Estella! From Twin Sister!
I cant tell if she is making a weird voice sometimes or if that is just how she sings. I guess I dont care care! She is so cute and is a sharp dressing and a snappy dancer. I have been stalking her outfits and so far her only doosie was that long green wig thing she wore to pitchfork. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I have been talking a lot about the changes we are making to Dream Boats house. It is pretty cool and creepy that I found the real estate listing. They really make for great before photos, and show the decor off better then I can explain! So excited for the after! We have been working on it alot!!!!!!!

Glam Cloud

My friend Angel has a super rad comfy clothing line called Glam Cloud (Formally known as Kombat Glamour). A few weeks ago she asked me to participate in a photo shoot at Gasworks Park. It was super fun! and Super hard!!!!! Modeling is awkward! Hope you cant tell to much. I should have prepped ahead inventing my own version of "blue steel' wha wha! Like Her on FB!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

PIcked up

this guy at the big Madewell sale. Have i mentioned this is my favorite store? In the
past 2 years I have thrown out or sold all my designer duds and traded them in. our house is so small and lacking on storage I have been tempted to throw everything out and start over. Going over to my old place later to grab somethings and clean. my place is being rented for 3 months! I have moved so much over the years and it never ceases to amaze me all the shit I keep around. Cleaning out drawers I find myself asking over and over "why the fuck do I have this" Here is a list of things I have forced myself to part with -My dads old socks (sentimental or gross? definitely full of holes) - birthday cards ( I kept the ones that showed the progression of my dads illness,or the lack of ability to sign his name. Never crossed me as totally unhealthy till now) -Stationary I don't like but feel the need to use -Clothing that is attached to good memories but will never be worn again or fit -Mixed cds I will never listen too -Jewelry that is not timeless but might hold some sentimental value , because really when I think about it everything holds sentimental value -Tee shirts I will never wear but think are funny or cool -Pictures of people I dont even talk to anymore -Samples from Sephora I am never going to fucking use if I have not by now -Lipstick tubes that are like 3 years old. They stink, and when was the last time I wore lipstick? -Tight with holes in the crotch (yes no one can see the holes but you, but you are not "that poor" anymore) Now breathe


I love old cameras , even if they do not work. Just the look of them makes my heart skip a beat. While trolling through the Fremont Vintage Mall I can across this guy A Taz Polaroid????? What on earth? I still cant believe it was real. I had to share it with the world. -Also like to mention I am wearing my favorite tweed bell skirt from Madewell! yeee yeee


I have always wanted a toast rack. They look so glamorous and are perfect for breakfast in bed. I have wanted one even since seeing la Vie in Rose, though this scene is not for the light of heart.