Sunday, March 28, 2010


is so amazing i guess is the best way to describe. 3 mountains seperated by 3 beaches and also a river that runs off into the ocean. by far one of our faves. imanol and lucia have been great hosts. they have a cobayas. like in the photo! named kobe! he is sweet and i think he either a. likes me b. i scare him shitless. dunnoooooooooo
anyways. yesterday we walked all around the coast and then stopped for some pintxos or tapas. they have been not so veggie friendly but the ones we have made due with have been very tasty!
drinking lots of xalimoxto. i think i spelled it wrong but its ice, wine, and coke. had a lot of it in seattle with these kids.
today we went up one of the mountains to a tine amusement park. rode a few rides. cosmic cars- which included being hit in the face with random things hanging from the ceiling. a tiny roller coaster with no bars or belts just a chain (maybe the most dangerous). then a casa de la terror which i found to be very scary because they had a lot of lights reflecting off mirrors . i could not tell if i was seeing things and having a panic attack or if it was part of the effect. jeesh.

the views have been so great. ocean upon ocean. we also walked to what imanol called a wind scraper. it touched up to the waves and there had holes in the ground to when the waves hit , it would shoot salty air up through the wholes! all these kids would stand over and scream!

tomorrow is our last full day of vacation and it seems as if the time in SS has gone by so fast. last night i had bad dreams about returning to work, only not the job i have now. in my dream i had to go back to work in michigan. not that i didn't love my job there, but i think where i live is not to far from paradise to me. anyways time for bed so i can seize the day tom! ciao!

Friday, March 26, 2010

greasy hair?

guess along with the unibrow i have been a trend setter all along. greasy hair takes over the runway. whats next cystic acne?


yesterday we left paris by train. i sat across from a very sweaty french lady who kept whimpering into her phone "pour qoui???". if i spelled that wrong sorry. i watched the office till my computer died. we then took another train to SS! SOOOOOOOOO beautiful. we were greeted by Imanol and Lucia! they live on salud st! get it like cheers? wha wha. we walked to the beach and through the city. drinking white wine at a few places and having small plates. my options were pretty slim. i had a pistacio croqetta, a cheese one as well, some bread, tortilla, and risotto. yummy.

today josh and i woke up late, and took real showers. not like the piss drizzle ones in france. we walked through ss and searched for food. i kept drinking coffee and had a mini panic attaccek. stupid me for not packing my emergency pills. i sat outside for a while in front of the cathedral and it passed. josh took me to zara to make me feel better. i got some of the cutest things for my niece and so to be niece!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeee. more for my niece of course because she is my little berry!!!!!!!!!! of course more wine as well. the mission to find josh shoes was completed as well. he got some brown vans...... hope he gets a shirt or something else. i feel like a spazz with all the stuff i bought. though alot of it is presents for family!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for hefner's babysitter. i wont let myself be nervous when i get home over money! only live once! sisisisii

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bon jour ca va?

oui ca va! today was our paris redemption. went to a bakery and bought some cheap sammis. ate them on the street then hopped on a train to the saint paul stop. i had read about the most amazing vintage store and oh man was it! got some white ankle boots, rad red 80's sweater, poufy white blouse, 2 hats, a dress, and a shirt for josh for 61 euro!
while walking back to the train found some sweet little black flats.
then on to the louvre! josh blew it out with the photos and then later found himself overwhelmed. me on the other hand..... well there is this thing that always happens to me in museums. my hands swell and i sneeze and get a sore throat. it is so stupid. the hand swelling thing is what freaks me out my engagement ring was cutting off circulation. eek
on the way back to the metro, i made a point to stop at Laduree for some macrons! I got a few chocolate and pistacio! I also got some cookies for Lucia, Imanols lady since i have never met her and we will be staying with them for the duration or our trip after tomorrow!
that is all for today!

ps. hot and spicy pringles are the shit!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


at the airport this morning in rome there was a insane line to check in (we got there early). We missed the cut off by 3minns! jeesh . I think we stood in that line for a hour and a half. fucking stupid.
Once on the plane we had to sit for a hour because the traffic controllers in france were on strike. Now i'm not sure what the deal is with these smaller airlines but they always bypass our rows for drinks. Also.... why do they clap at the landing? weird!

Paris is beautiful but kinda gave us the diss. i guess having one not so perfect day is fine after many great ones (minus the jacket episode). So we arrive at the hostel and then go to a cafe for a late lunch. the waiter gave me shit about wanting ketchup and being american! it was pretty funny. i ordered a crouque monsouir with out ham or meat and somehow a bunch of weird turkey (or tuna?) found its was in hidden under the bread. oh well.

we made our way to pere lachaise, to find jim morrisons grave. we made it to the correct section only to be hassled by a man with a bell telling us it was closing. we hid and then made our way back and tried again with haste to find it, no dice. got to practice my french with a girl who was also looking and spoke no english. she wanted to bow at the grave. kinda funny. to no luck we got booted out.

took the train close to the seine. walked down to the eiffel tower to go up at sunset. never crossed our mind that 800 million other people would be thinking the same thing. we admired it from below and got to watch the light spectacle , where the whole tower sparkles.

got lost but came across a amazing middle eastern resturant . ate like kings and then decided to say fuck it and cab it back to the hostel. bought some french beers and chillaxed. au revoir!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


so today i awoke very early, breakfast and then we walked to the vatican . to bad it was closed. was a pretty exciting walk because there was the roma marathon going on! we strolled through st. peter's bacillica and then inside. i got stopped because my skirt was to short so i tied my jacket around my waist. the whole incident ticked josh off and i was very flattered by how protective he was. got a little lost but made it to the piazza narvona. there we sat, and then had a cafe. on to the pantheon. we found all the signs asking for silence very funny since everyone was so loud!

on to zara where i got a pair of shorts and a amazing coat. (later in the evening a gypsy poured his heart to us and hugged us goodbye knocking wine all over my beloved coat. will send to the cleaners tom, i hope then can get the wine out of it. i must admit i cried a little about it.)

we came back to the hotel room and i napped for 30 minn then on to dinner. we roamed through the streets and josh gave me a quiz on the teenage mutant ninja turtles. we decided to eat at a place named after each one. leonardo is checked off!

we bought some wine from a stand and had relaxed on the spanish steps which is where the coat incident happened. so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i pray it comes out. now time for rest

new coat!

here is my awesome new coat from zara! almost left without it. just picked out some rad basics then got out of line to get it! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to Josh for not passing out, outside the store as we waited for the 300 hours i was in there. i left without a little beaded bolero. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm( this is our not so fancy hotel room, we love it though, taking turns trying to master the bidet. Jk

Saturday, March 20, 2010


josh and i woke up for the last morning at our silken hotel. we walked around the area and settled on a cafe for a late breakfast. ordering only in spanish. we did just fine. dining on empanandas, quiche and cafe. later we met up with imanol and oskar and they took us to a amazing park whose name leaves me. there was a huge pond with rented row boats and a crystal palace. or what i think was a botanical garden. we then said good bye to oskar and imanol took us to the air port. everything went fine. josh and i split a sammich that was labeled veggie. it consisted of lettuce, tomato and eggs. ewwwww.
we waited at our terminal only to find they changed it without notice. finally we made to to our plane. arriving in rome in one piece. josh read by the baggage that you should only get in a white cab so we hailed the first one we saw. this cab driver ripped us off so bad. normally we should have paid 50 euro at most and we paid 80. lesson learned.
now at our hotel. the king. we found that you have to travel through a maze of stairs and elevators. we take it on as an adventure. after dropping off our bags we walked down the spanish steps and stopped at a place called leonardos. ha! we dined on house wine, pizza magerita, linguine al pesto, and insalata verde. yum yum! we got a little lost but made it to the trevi fountain my total favorite and then enjoyed a gelato! 9 years since my last! chocolate and pistachio with a waffle cone and heart shaped accent . we then came back to the king and drank at our hotel bar with fladio and his dog bricola which i guess means small. what a sweet pup. now i am in bed and josh is trying to find something besides porno on tv,

day 2

today we woke up late due to having the blackout curtain drawn. it was like we were sleeping in a cave. last night we tore up the town with oskar and imanol. we met up at a bar for our reunion and then walked through the narrow streets for a while. buying single beers for one euro and drinking them in the streets. none of us had eaten dinner and the only place with food was a 25 hour shop (25? si). we bought some frozen pizzas and they cooked them for us. we drank beer and ate them in the street then ran into some other friends. iker , ane, and joanna. they took us to a bar called tupperwear. there they played the smiths and the cure. our kinda stuff. it got to packed so we left. all the other bars seemed to full so we went back to what we did earlier. buying beers from little asian ladies and drinking them in the streets. weeeeeeeeeee!

was so hungover today! barf.

finally meeting up at 2 at the atocha stop on the metro, we walked over to the reina sofia to see if it was open. then decided to trek a ways away to a place called maoz. a veggie resturant that has falafel and a buffet where they top your sammich with hummous, cous cous, beans, salsa etc. we took the long walk back through many squares. mayor, sol, and then back to reina sofia. there we saw many dalis and picassos! loved them both before but now i need a new word. so amazing!

we met up with iker and company and had some drinks. they tried to convince us to get tapas but all we wanted to do was sit. imanol , oskar, josh, and i found a pizza place and ate our hearts out. also tasted some spanish wine out of little cups and then the server gave us free limoncello. which is still to strong for me!

too tired to tear through the town again, we tubed it back to our hotel for one drink and then retired. somehow now it is 3am. things just run late here i guess.

tom roma!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


we have arrived!
all flights went well, and very fast in my opinion. could not believe we traveled for 17 hours!
got to hotel to find message from imanol. He is meeting us here in 30 minns.

We got to pick our hotel room, photos to come!

When we got here josh crashed upon arrival . i took a shower in our amazing bathroom. put on the hotel robe and slippers and fell asleep for a few hours.
we woke up very hungry only to discover that all the cafes were closed. (dinner is usually at 8)
we returned to our room and ordered room service. veggie sammis, chips, salad, coffee, and water. 40 euros later we were ready to roll.

we then hit the local subway, the metro. i got us to the calle princessa. located there is a enormous zara!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i left there with a black skirt, black short sleeve wrap sweater, and a pair of sandals to replace ones that a broke a few weeks ago. i also found us a bathroom! dounde esta la bano bitchs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

made it back safe to hotel. ready to see mi amigos


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

invite drAaft!!!!!!!

hand drawn by a dear friend miss bo jambo


registered for this chair. it is a wishlist right? i think i have the perfect place for it. hope it wont end up cover in clothes
still cant get over how much i love pompoms. thinking of making white ones and using them to conceal a ceiling fan that josh and i broke. (long story)

crystal ball predicts

some romance happening here this saturday... over some gelato! ciao

the benefits of two weddings

two themes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love this cake stand! for my detroit wedding! and all these etsy woodland theme decorations


wait listed these for my neice. to much??????? is the phrase "too much" even possible when a little girl is involved?
thought this could be a cool alternative to a traditional wedding dress

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OH Great!

Another thing I cant eat!!!!!!!!! Josh has been on a food industry doc kick. The good thing is now after learning about modified food starch he only wants to shop at whole foods (which to me is heaven on earth!)

here are our top 3 no no's
well besides meat , fish, eggs and soon to be dairy again i'm sure

gross gross gross

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

VEGAN shoes that are cute?

just discovered olsen haus! a maker of cute vegan shoes. though i am not inthe market to drop any coin now. i will keep them in mind..... look at these cute moo moos i want to get for my neice! they will remind her not to eat cows!
are these ugly or cute? cant tell



found these for my table setting in seattle! 50 for $25! perfect! snip snip snippy snap!
it is all going to good together in my brain!


here is my inspiration board for my candy bar......
for my detroit reception
my type says stick with one color theme... but what color?
my inner spaz says go ape shit! i mean how much candy do people need after cake? is it just for the eyes? I'm going to stamp little take home bags with my new thank you stamp!

honey bunny!

found this great rug. though i know B would never ever let me get it. isn't sweet. i know a sister and a esme that would dig it as well. here ya go girls

Monday, March 8, 2010


put this hat on to celebrate. moments after hefner threw up on the couch.

thanks mom!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

spring has sprung!

All the cherry trees are blooming in Seattle! It feels like a wonderland!

Leaving for Spain in less then 2 weeks!

I had to control myself when i read my favorite blog this morning

20 spring dresses under $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

which even now is out of league after balancing my checkbook. seems i got a little too excited buying things to wear on my trip! wha wha.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sweet baby girl!

this is only what i miss about snow


why cant i buy you online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

did i call it or what?

Wave of the Future: Nautical Stripes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more wedding stuff ( i know i know)

1.thinking about getting these! i think they would be good props for my make shift photo booth idea (which is still a work in progress. gonna hang a sheet and hire a friend of a friend to take pictures for 2 hours during the reception
2.pom poms! what could i do with these? place them on a table? wonder if i could just make them. i love them soooooooo!
3. got this for my little flower girl! she will only be 18 months so if she rips it to shreds, its fine. it is just made of paper!
4. something blue? i wish...... how gorgeous is this ring? sigh!