Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a few things

The most interesting french fry
a life changing christmas gift

a pretty old theatre in Corvallis 

amazing New Years Eve food and attire
Madame close up! From Presse (my fave)

sweet Angel and her banana bacon cupcake!
first piece to hang on our wall of gold framed photos! Made from a old print ad and a frame from our white elephant + the magic of gold spray paint!

notes for drawing class


Pretty much obsessed with this skin care line, I discovered at my food co-op. I have the most sensitive  skin, prone to acne and redness and dryness!! SHIT! I always try to use products on my face that only have ingredients I know, and the less the better. I really love the way the face wash tingles but not in a scary way. The scrub actually has little bits of kelp in it, not little plastic beads like other brands. Im super excited to try their version of Argan oil too. I would like to say that Argan oil is amazing. I rub it all over my face every night. It keeps you looking young and helps rid you of scars. Which I have plenty of from my teens and twenties .... eeek!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

White Elephant

We threw a white elephant party this year a few days before Christmas. We have never had so many people in our house at one time! The most sought after gift was the little wolf statue. My personal favorite however was a mall walked jogging suit. The new owner was nice enough to let me wear the pants around for a little while! Which was awesome


School has once again become a overwhelming force in my life, so the blog is totally neglected.
A month ago Mija came to town and we ate at one of my favorite neighborhood joints REVEL
OMG! I have never had a bad time here. The pairings of food are different then anything I have ever had yet , it tastes familiar and of course delicious!

I am super excited to try the sister restaurant JOULE . We drove by the other day and the inside looks so cool. I caught a glimpse of a old jewelry store sign inside! A nice change from the ever present taxidermy explosion that every Seattle Bar seems to have

Friday, January 11, 2013

What I have been living in!

I noticed with the cold and having to get up for school,  I have been wearing pants way way more then ever in my whole adult life. I have also become careless about my appearance, at least for my morning computer class. Anyways the skinny skinny ankle jeans from madewell are fucking gods gift to the thighs and booty

all madewell <#

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Babe of the week #43

Anita fucking Pallenberg
I have truly been inspired by the Keith Richards bio. It seems since school my free time for reading has been cut down, yet I lug this huge book around with me on vacations and mini trips.
This chick is a total nut and you know what? good for her. She was a inspiration and fashion muse of her time. High 5

this happened btw

that is me in a pink satin swing hanging from a chandelier... true story