Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i feel alive

Kazu Makino - Blonde Redhead

Holy Hunter!

Looks like someone is really cashing in on their popularity.

Are hunters gonna be the new juicy jogging suit? not that I ever owned one of those.

a review for these wedge boots says " strangely comfortable".
I think I will stick with the basics.
these are all on zappos

ps. i wonder if this title will come up in a search for holly hunter

Monday, December 27, 2010

babe of the week #13

wife of David Bowie
and makeup entrepreneur

I love this one so much, and there is a story behind it. watch the video!

wrap up

With Natalie Portman prego and engaged to a hot ballerina OMG!
I feel the need to mention that the first man I can remember having dirty thoughts about was this guy

Mikhail Baryshnikov........ wooo weeee man

Josh and I spent out first Married Christmas alone! It was pretty awesome. We skyped with our family. Took a nap. A walk. Watched bad movies. Went to a Merry Crampsmas party. Where they played the Cramps all night. We both got teenage drunk and stumbled home. Prepared egg sammichs and cheese sticks. To make it even more awesome there was a special on PBS. The Police live in Brazil. I think I passed out at 4am. Classic

Josh got this-------


I dont know why the picture is so small!
He also got a ton of other stuff, but I wont bore you.
I got

and a gift certificate to my favorite little french cafe, for when (and I quote) " you are sad at work"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post holiday sadness =

Buying these boots while B is picking someone up from the airport....
- they were on sale
- and a extra 30% off
-and free shipping
- ugh.........
-it is almost tax return time
- they look warm

damn you madewell!

Monday, December 20, 2010

another x mas dress

slip on and go!

thanks B
thanks Madewell!

babe of the week #12

Leigh Taylor-Young
baby baba hot 60s actress
ex wife of Ryan O' Neal
Star of Soylent Green!
and my favorite
We love you Alice B. Toklas!!!!!!!!

If you have never seen this movie you should> It is a total trip and her outfits are to die for!
For someone that cant even be in the same room as pot smoke. I sure love the stoner humor!

new hair

fave dress of the moment

The Vena Cava Nintendo dress.
Oh so comfy
Given as a early x mas prez from my mama!
People keep asking if I made the necklace myself.... hrrrrmmmmm

No More weekend

Had such a relaxing weekend, full of birthday parties, surprise engagements , and scary movies.
Josh and I watched this in 2 parts! So amazed I had never heard of it before. Julie Christie is a fox! Maybe a babe even?
The way the story unravels really sucks you in. The clothes, the use of color and the sound of breaking glass. Some say this film might have influenced David Lynch.

All I know is the last scene really gave me the creeps. It also made me feel better about the movie.( I thought they had just a real shitty body double)<---- this wont make sense till you see the movie! Dont watch at night or alone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

babe of the week #11

half of the amazing Jovovitch/Hawk
and my wedding inspirtion MIlla Jovovitch
Babe a baba cute town! I loooooove her

Last minn

I love the gifts that keep on giving! Have always loved giving magazine subscriptions for this reason.
Anyways, How great! A plant of the month club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at Augury


In the heat of the night. I cut B's hair and mine..... Have yet to get a picture but they look like these!

Secret Kitten

its no secret how i feel about kittens!

why didn't I invent this? #2



Friday, December 10, 2010

Alexa Chung

Oh Alexa I love you!
But..... it is not "thrifting" at less you are at a actual thrift store

Xmas dream wishlist

I said dream....
-wonderful shoes from Zara that are the spitting image of my favorite shoes from Paris
- amazing cat scratcher
-shell pink (my new favorite color) cross body
- a cheese wheel the size of my head

a girl can dream!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift Guide for your best babes that you miss so much tonight

It is so hard being away from the special ladies in my life. This summer was such a tease. I wish I could buy these things so you. You know who you are. L's A's J's E's M's and C's

a copy of my favorite book, so one day we can discuss it over the phone

Air Control..... so they will be reminded of me alllllll dayyyyyy!

The most "girlmantic " drink on the planet

the best blush in the world so they will always look rosy

A picture of yourself and kitties, so you can snuggle in spirit