Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bigott ( I fucking love the Spanish)

Preparing to purge

These weeks have been amazing and terrible all at once. I had my first panic attack in 8 months. What a nightmare. I have to keep reminding myself I will feel better again one day, and 8 months without is a huge success in itself. I have been listening to my guided imagery MP3s like it is my job. Trying to breath. Trying to better myself. Trying to be positive always and not afraid. Sounds silly. In other news. MIja was here! She is such a comfort to me. i wish we could walk around with our hair braided like rye bread

Monday, May 28, 2012

lacking on posts

because I have been sooooo busy
Brie has been begging me to let her get her ears pierced at the mall but I wont give in
I dabbled with the idea of experimenting with some new jean overalls but opted out. Not everyone can pull off cameltoe
ran into this old crow on my long walk home.... wonder what he is thinking

Friday, May 25, 2012


Is having a super sale! I snagged these cushions for $16 each, holy shit balls! Dream Boats Dad offered to make loungers. Cant wait for summer!
Also loving these
and this
and one of these
and maybe add to my collection of animal heads
and snuggle in this

Time Sucker


Thursday, May 24, 2012

the love and agony

What do you think of these bad boys? kinda interested in non frumpy/slutty lingerie as of late. Cant decide if these are gross or amazing! HERE

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Been Obsessed with Jem Magazine since I flipped through one at the Pike PLace antique mall. The covers are so over the top. my personal fave is this top one.

Water Bottle Chandelier

SO making one of these with leftover paint. Looks easy enough... even for me. Up cycle bebe!

Monday, May 7, 2012


A great post on Seattle food from Black Eiffel! Proud to say I have been to most of these spots. YUM

Courthouse Weddings

Did you see this slideshow on refinery 29? It was dedicated to courthouse weddings and simply brought tears to my eyes. Couples and weddings really do come in all shapes and sizes. When I think about getting married again Courthouse comes to mind for sure...... but you never know (that I know for sure)

Turkish Coffee

The past two weekends I have stopped over my friend O's house for a BBQ. Before the end of the night he always ends up making Turkish coffee for everyone and serves them up in these cute little dishes with a little piece of Turkish Delight. I really love the ritual with the special cups and plates. So exciting and so "grown up". lately I am obsessed with all things "grown up"
Afterword riding a caffeine/booze high a dance party has been known to break out cheers!