Friday, April 12, 2013

Oblivion Soundtrack - M83

whoa! I may actually see a Tom Cruise movie!!!!!!! I love M83

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break

Recently for Spring Break we took a little get away to the coast in the RV. It was gorgeous. We took a nice hike close to lake Ozette and camped by the beach near Neah Bay where we made Manhattans and took a evening stroll during low tide.WA love forever!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

San Fran

In January we took a little weekend get away to SF. Have not had the time till now to post.
We ......

  1. spent hours at the Moma
  2. rented bikes in Sausalito, which we rode to check out all the houseboats
  3. walked Valencia
  4. chilled in North Beach
  5. at burritos
  6. and vintage shopped in the Haight (didn't buy a thing)

Hair shame

Ever since I cut my hair in December, I have had what I like to call EPIC FUCKING HAIR SHAME. Why why why did I do it? It sounds shallow but I find myself looking at pictures of when I had what I like to call "babe hair". It was all good and I had to go and dye it dark and chop it off. That Anna Karina trick only works so many times I guess..... I look at these pictures to feel better.

I bought these boots to ease the pain
and made this dress

Cream Pie

I came across this interesting website that shows the top ten porn searches by state.

I was surprised to find that both Mi and Wa had "cream pie" in the top 3.
Both Dream Boat and I had no idea what that was so I searched it and was happy to find this definition

Web definitions
A cream pie is a type of pie filled with a rich custard or pudding that is made from milk, cream, flour, and eggs. It can come in many...