Thursday, May 27, 2010


would be nice to be back


I work 22 more days till I get married! 22! I better start hoarding my duckets!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

H and M Fashion against aids collection

read about it here! and check out these rad pieces!

they even have tents and sleeping bags! If my sources are right the tents are $12.99! wowza!

Monday, May 24, 2010

shower shower!

I'am so ashamed to say that I did not take one picture while I was in Detroit this weekend. booooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I received several gift cards due to the fact that I had to travel home with all my stuff.
some super exciting presents include------
this super cute red toaster, that can hold a whole bagel without scorching the side
the famous rhino head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and a surprise wholly pocket from my sister! ( this makes up for her being a bitch most of the time, i know your reading this) Ha

Also got two matching afghans from Josh's mom, one normal sized for me and one extra long for him. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. the sweetest

OF COURSE . the best gift of all was seeing everyone! esme, mb , angela, moni, allison, j bear, amy, heather, and my lo.... le sigh
and of course of course my family, momma, sis , and berri

Thursday, May 20, 2010

cute things from the OUTNET under $200

not like i have $200 either! lets dream!


If anyone remembers the ADORABLE stationary I made for Xmas this year, you would know that I had stamped each piece with love. I purchased the stamp at a little store by my favorite coffee place. Turns out the makers have a whole website and even cuter stamp sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the company is named little yellow owl workshop

be still my heart!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meadham Kirchhoff

Meadham Kirchhoff 's new line for topshop is breaking my heart. fitting with my new thing boyer is the new black! ha, just made that up. I love all these pieces. I also only have $34 in checking until I deposit a check that my mom sent me because thats how not grown up I'am. Then I have to go buy more stamps. Jesus no one ever tells you when you get married how much you spend on stamps. Its insane. I might be keeping usps in biz.


So I found these perfect little frames and decided to frame my rsvps and place them around my receptions for people to take home. Seeing that many people wanted to keep them for themselves I thought it would be a nice incentive to mail them back. Today when the frames came I realized I was never gonna wanna part with any of the artwork from my invites. They all fit so nice into these sweet frames. Please bare with the pictures. my camera still does not want to synch up with my mac. Until I figure it out, all I can offer is lame pictures shot from photo booth with my in the background, hair set in barrel curls

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I fell in love with CAMPERS while on vacation. Josh kept browsing in their store by the Spanish steps. I could not believe the quality. It does explain the price tag. If there is one thing I learned from living in Seattle and walking 4 miles a day...... cheap shoes do not hold up! I would love to invest in any of these pairs on days! But which one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhh the flat maryjane! It is very seldom done right!

love the muted colors! Kinda like my wedding colors!


Here is a Preview photo of our Detroit Reception invites! That is my friend Allison's hand! She designed them!!!!!! To see her amazing work go here!

baby blue

I added this sweet thing, my bff lolo has one and I know it will remind me of her whenever Ilook at it on my counter. whaaaaaaaaaa love you

Rhino for a Wino

I registered for this amazing Rhino and I cant believe the mixed reviews! I think it will look great next to the silver horse head in my kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!
who cares what they say!


Despite the fact that I sometimes get annoyed with the way my love takes photos of everything, never uses a flash, and sometimes shakes the camera. I have to admit in my mind he has a eye and I feel like his pictures capture things just the way I remembered them or was feeling. These are some photos he took of the Eiffel Tower. Not the one of the both of us of course

paris greatest hits!

i feel the need to mention we were only there for exactly 48 hours. oiiiiiiii. not enough time

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gunne Sax

I have always dreamed of owning a Gunne Sax dress! Years ago when Josh and I were on a road trip i scoured every vintage store I went to. I tried on maybe 50. Standing in hot sweaty dressing rooms. Buttoning all the tiny buttons! Sadly I could never find one that fit! BOOOO.
Yesterday a while shopping around town with a out of town friend (it only happens when people are in from out of town) I came across one! I tried not to get my hopes up.... But it fit and it was only $26!!!!!!!!! I will have to take a photo when I wear it. To lazy today. Here is My ode to GUNNE SAX!
Isn't this picture great? I would cut the sleeves off and wear it in a hearbeat!
Oh man if i got my hands on this baby blue! So sweet!

This is what I imagine Josh's ultimate fantasy dress to be. I think it would be pretty so a garden wedding

Monday, May 3, 2010


gelato..... the reunionmy favorite place, the trevi fountain!

st peters
oh hi! you just caught me in rome!
piazza narvonna
a wonderful afternoon
sweet face
the street leading to the spanish steps
oh hi
i suggest you always travel with someone tall enough to pick fruit for you, in case you get hungry
ta da!!!!!!!
oh yes, its you again gelato!
slightly drunk on joy