Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pics from my Seattle Shower!

I still have not seen pics from my Detroit shower btw
Anyways this past sunday my dear friend Moni threw me a awesome intimate shower . Here is the hostess with her chalkboard cup!

and moi
one of my rad presents included tickets to Iron Maiden! yes!!!!!!!
My guests were subjected to games. One included making a dress out of poo poo paper. this was especially entertaining because half of my guests were boys
the girls team one, because as you can see the mens dress left nothing to the imagination if worn alone
i made everyone hats out of the left over paper. they gladly complied !

i made myself a little something as well


thank you

hand stamped thank you cards for my thanks!


i never wear bracelets because..... i always get them stuck in my hair. i wish i was kidding but its true. never the less today i found myself admiring all these cuffs from anthro! me likey!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010


It all spawned from reading yeye's blog (one of my faves) . She had a bunch of retro shoe adds. I posted some above. It got me all crazy and googly about old catalogs ! Oh would I love to get a circa 1967 or early 70's sears catalog on my hands. It would entertain me for hours!

Would probably end up crying because nothing would be available for purchase

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


it is only when work is slow and i have all sorts of things to pay for that i make stupid choices.
hmmm which skirt should i get? oops did i just buy both? uh oh......


after a gorgeous weekend in Seattle, I now have two spaghetti straps burnt into my shoulders. still have time though...... they are no where near as bad as these!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood-Sand

lets roll down grassy hills


if you have not heard me talk about it already. the official drink of the summer is
Kalimotxo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It reminds me of my Basque friends. Warms my heart and cools my heels.
all you need is a tall glass of ice, cheap red wine, and coke! Lets have one soon, ok?


wouldn't you just love to hang this on your porch ! If you dont have a porch dont you wish you had one? I can just see myself curling up in a ball in this blue guy and reading a good book. Maybe fall asleep and end up with the crochet pattern imprinted on my face. you can get it here

Friday, June 11, 2010


Oh snap. I used to watch fame every day after school. convinced my parents to get me cello lessons so i could be like the girl from grand rapids. i miss dancing so bad i can feel it in my bones. when i came across this video it made the hair stand on the back of my neck. leroy..... how can you be so femme and mas at the same time? makes me feel funny in my pants. Our living room is rather large and has new hard floors like a dance studio. sometimes when josh is at practice i put on my headphones and practice pirouettes warm ups like i used to do in dance class. man if these walls could talk. i have felt slightly less uninhibited since josh broke out blinds and i am not quite sure if people can see me.

Avi Buffalo

i saw this song live over a year ago when these kids opened for beach house. so sweet. how often do you mentally attach to music on the first listen? josh cant stand it! makes me laugh

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A long time fan of TOMS!. I thought it was cute when i browsed there web page today and saw that they added a "wedding" section. interesting.......... these might be comfy to switch into when the heels start killing. i like the blue
or these fancy girls
they also have these wedges now...... cant decide if they are cute or going a little to far.......


Today is a slow ding dong of a day, yet I find myself in the best mood ever!
After work today I am meeting with Josh at this costume/ rental store. He is going to try on their, baby blue tuxedo (with a ruffled white shirt!). I hope it fits! I imagine him wearing it partially unbuttoned with white toms shoes and no socks! Groom of my dreams!

Then we are going to meet with our officiant! I dont know what we are going to say or decide. Hope she had some ideas. Oh my its all soooooooo real. Picking vows is so crazy. I imagine myself laughing and Josh crying. I always have reversed emotions.

Yesterday I made the deposit for the day after brunch at my favorite place 22 doors! I rented the patio. I have spent so many hours there with great friends and it is also where I welcomed 28 this year. Spoke to my little Imanol yesterday and he was green with envy. So sad he is so far away on this special day.

Sadly, I heard that some of our invites have arrived open! Which is awful. Those damn browen envelopes! I liked all of them and stuck them shut with stickers. Now i have to contact everyone who has not rsvp'd and explain. blah blah. poooooooo

I cant believe so many people I love will be here so soon. I shake just thinking about it. I hope to do accomplish these things

-taking family to the seattle center
-having a cheese and wine picnic with my bff's in cal anderson
-making dinner for my lo and family at my appt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-going out with my ladies for cocktails
-eatting at our favorite italian place

ahhhhhhhhh now the waiting game

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dude Babes

So since the big move to Seattle I have made many great friends. Only one of these is a female and there may be a chance she is moving. This brings up the question I have been asking myself over and over. How do woman meet woman? To be friends? This scares me more then the dating scene...... Which from what I have observed from a distance is pretty gross.
Anyways ......
I wish I could import my eastly midwestern sweet peas to keep me company, but I dont see that happening anytime soon.
I compiled this list of interview questions. Just thinking of handing them out to girls. If they fill it out correctly I will ask them to be my friend or stalk them untill they are to scared not to.

1. Do you like pizza?
2. How many slices can you put away?
3. Are you the kind of person that always has gum, or the kind that always asks for gum?
4. Do you like to scratch backs?
5. Do you find farting offensive?
6. What size shoe do you wear ? (trick question)
7. Which is more important to you. A. Being cool B. Having fun?
8. Do you like to dance?
9. What are your favorite books?
10. Do you like bad TV?
11. Who is Edie Sedwick?
12. Who is Phil Collen (trick question)
13. Do you like Gangster movies?
14. Do you think porn is entertaining or gross?
15. Do you like cats?
16. Name one thing you dont like about yourself
17. Name one thing you do like about yourself
18. How loud can you burp? Do you find burping offensive
19. Do you own a pair of crocs?
20. How many other lady friends do you have?
21. Are they cool or bitchs?
22. Where you popular in highschool?
23. Who are your top 3 fave designers and why?
24. What are you ideal pizza toppings?
25. What is your favorite kind of wine?
26. Your friend has a boogar in their nose. How long do you wait to tell them?
27. Are you the kinda of girl that always carries a purse, or are you always putting shit in other peoples purse?
28. Do you like Al Pacino?
29. Do you like Rambo movies?
Tell me a embarrassing story?????????

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Homes for Hefner!!!!!!!!!!

I am inspired by all the cat houses they have these days. Maybe I will try to make my baby one, when things die down. This one from the german company Home Basic rules! I cant find anywhere to purchase it. boooooo. Bet it is like a million dollars