Wednesday, April 25, 2012

check out this amazing video

Andrew n' Hina | 9.17.11 from Good Times Productions on Vimeo.

from a wedding i worked on.... you can see me for like one second!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I think this dress is super sexy HERE eww did I say sexy? This POSTING on why it is important to Flirt cracked me up. Its kinda true just put it out there like you dont give a fuck. I swear it works My New Favorite place to spurge on dinner in Seattle REVEL I tried these on today... they will be mine.... one day HERE HOT TUB BOATS! Soon to be a reality THIS Double Chaise would look pretty sweet on the deck DUDDDE Game of Thrones is getting crazy! I have had to close my eyes and/or maybe leave the room at some parts, but its so good!

putting this video on the back burner for a rainy day

Sunday, April 22, 2012


This weekend involved some epic boating. I only almost cried a few times. Even motoring around in a small boat, though I know is pretty safe can make me freak out. Water is scary. I dunno. Our neighbor picked us up after brunch and we motored to Ballard , then back. Somehow I was convinced to get in another sturdier boat to head over to the other side of South Lake Union for dinner. AHHH Adventure. Living here really is a lot like being on vacation I wont lie. Here are some phone shots
seattle from the water

ping pong!

So want to make this with leftover paint from the upstairs! God POPPYTALK finds the best stuff! Seems like there are so many rad lamp DIY's out there... I guess they are a good place to start crafting.


So excited to not have to wait HBO posted the first episode on youtube HERE It was pretty good... People keep comparing it to Sex and the City. There were not any famous one liners like "abso fucking lutley" but really is that a bad thing? Excited to see what this show brings to the HBO table, I feel like everything that comes from that channel is solid gold.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I found this while googling space treats for a themed party coming up. So gross!
A Cat Liter Cake!



she is sooooo cute

I love lisps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week for far

Ran into this guy

OUr friend came over in this rad boat. Life on the water is crazy, can you imagine driving over to your friends house on a boat?

I got to see sweet Brie the other day! She might be coming to live with me for a little bit. I love how she gets cause mid sentence!

My friend Z sent me this!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

minty blue

Just painted first coat of upstairs with balmy seas (mint blue)
Using these for inspiration so it looks more glam and less mental institution

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arugula Pesto?

Dream Boat and I share a mutual love for Arugula. Cant wait to use it in a pesto. Who would have thought?

Black White & Blue

love this song! This video kinda reminds me of the movie GIA! It is actually a spin on this though.

which looks amazing!!!!!!!! I love this era in new york and movies in general. yeye!
Its 8am and I have already been up for a few hours. Working a wedding at the salon...... waiting to get the Bride back from the makeup girl. Hurry up and wait. That is my job.

Had a pretty rough week after returning from Hawaii. As to be expected I guess. The finality of everything, the acceptence that you can only really be in charge of your own life. Even when you just want someone to be happy and healthy. You can only give that to yourself. I have wished alot of wishes and prayed alot of prayers.

Started thinking about career moves or what I want to to next. I have nightmares of being the 60yr old hairdresser with a "hip" blonde streak in her hair. The whole idea of more change shook me up. Even though it was changes I wanted.
I made a point to walk to work everyday and do the hard thinking. I reached out to some long lost friends. So funny how the Universe works and connects people in special ways. I feel like I have a million little pieces of yarn tied to my heart and it stretched across the country to many different place and tied to someone else.

Now I have a huge blister on my heel. I guess this is my body now telling me to relax or to get some new fucking shoes.

These are from a friends birthday party. I love the idea of sparklers

"idea" being the key word. I always burn my hand.....
Wonder if this is a metaphor for something huge in my life. WHAAAAAAAA

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ruche Bridal Line

Has Launched!
Its super cute AND affordable! WHAAAAAAAAA

wouldn't mind just wearing some of these head pieces around for the shit of it

Thursday, April 5, 2012

on my Radar

Best Friends forever
happy to say I really dont have any aquaintences anymore. Just people I would consider Best Friends! Because my friends are the BEST!!!!!! the fucking best

hot red ankle skinny jeans! might be my thighs worst enemy but I cant help but dream

This book, I borrowed/stole from a friend when I was married. I have been in a few relationships (believe it or not) where I was embarrassed about my sexuality . I know I am not alone in this. I have had several friends I admire confess worries about doing something "wrong" or not being able to achieve certain things. Blah Blah. You can not do anything wrong in the bedroom.. You just need to SHOW UP! and also have chemistry, confidence , maybe some lube .... and a good book like this doesn't hurt


have to admit this song is in my head
its ok cause its Tegan and Sara right?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


what sweet little boxes!
I want a macaroon today......... been eating lots of cookies as of late