Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best Nail DIY


Working Sundays

is what we call them around here. Today I already

  1. Did a trial with a Bride.
  2. Got a flat tire, then got it fixed. 
  3. Sewed half of the lining for my final project vest (sewing class). 
  4. spray painted some frames for my most recent home project. A wall of gold framed photos and art
  5. Made some preparations for  2 weeks of dairy and gluten free eating. yuck! After many a tummy issues its time to weed out the potential culprits. My favorite foods are baguette and brie and pizza and bagels...... I might be the biggest grouch on earth
Stay tuned
I made this dress

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Plates

Lo recently sent me a cool blog post about fashion sketching HERE

I couldn't help but remember a favorite 80's toy!

Fashion Plates!!!!!!!!!!!! I never personally owned these :( but I always wanted secretly wanted them.

Warby Parker

I had my eyes checked a few weeks ago and crazy enough I have 20/15 vision! Like a cat! I do however have a hard time sewing close up for long periods of time and with what Im doing in school my Dr. suggested glasses. So then a friend suggested this amazing website! They send you 5 pairs to try on at home for free! I cant wait!!!!!!!! Gonna look so smart

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spring Makeup

So according to the runways... Eyeliner, Big Brows, and Bold Lashes are it right now.
I thought that was always it

Few Things

Favorite Dali

Off Whites Booth and the Wedding show
and a flower crown made by Blanca

                                             The only photo from Chris's Madmen themed
                                                       work party
Midnight in Paris. Maybe the most amazing drink ever
Vday outfit preview 

Pretzel Party!

After all the holiday madness , dreamboat and I made a trip to Macys to cash in some giftcards. For a while we had two of everything in the kitchen and barely room for one. I have since downsized .... well pretty much on everything I own. Anyways after searching for new sheets, or maybe a juicer , or maybe a bubble water. I came across this pretzel maker on the clearance table. It was hidden in between two waffle cone makers (ewwww sweets). Seriously this thing is too much fun. You make the dough. Then form it into the little pretzel shape. Dip in a baking soda wash to make it extra crispy and add toppings! I had Ula and A over and we laid out all sorts of toppings! The Winner red pepper seed and parm and garlic of course.

notice the new chalkboard fridge in the back?