Thursday, June 30, 2011


Where have I been?
Well in a nut shell. Our computer broke (bad), and I picked it up today and it looks like new(good)! Some how I did not get charged the $280 flat rate. Just slipped through the cracks. What a blessing.
With all good news is bad news. I have also had a new installment of what I like to call "Panic Disorder a love story or how my body likes to surprise me". The newest addition is Tremors.(bad) Totally not as fun as the movie. Or to better explain Shaky hands. This has become totally amusing while in the work place holding scissors by peoples heads. Being proactive I went to the Doctor today and was put on beta blockers! Google it, its fun. I am also beginning cognitive therapy. I also got weighed which is always super traumatic for me, and I lost 8 pounds (good!) since the last time I was there.
I won $25 on a Bingo ticket. (good). Had a losing streak and lost all of that over time (bad). Oh well. Play Safe as they say.
I sold a ton more clothes (good?). Almost completely rid of MJ. Think I attach him to certain part of my life and that part I am parting with. Think I am growing up, or at least my sense of style (?). Who would have thought. One day I would have a system for dressing and become a serious investor of "practical footwear"

So I am working on a special list of anxiety coping techniques , that I have discovered over the past years.
This may not be the forum for it, but its my fucking blog and in a conceited way, I think it could be helpful to you or any other cray cray you know.

Look at this fucking guy. he is stoked


on a roll with the 2 legged bottom covers. picked up these bad boys today on sale 30% $39.99 hey ohhhh! At Madewell. I didn't look twice at them, but then a cute girl shopping made me do a double take, and when I tried them on it was love. This pic does not do them justice. Yay Pantz

Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I'm Loving now

Daydreaming about


Pants! or trying to wear them more/ find good ones for thick thighed ladies
This blog made me re think Wearing The Pants

When the Sun shines in Seattle. You have to soak up every second

I cant get enough of scratch off bingo tickets. White Trash city over here

This total Nerd fest of a blog The MALL HALL OF FAME!

How awesome that the mall by where I grew up is in it! Wonderland! So weird to see places that do not exsist anymore. Untill I saw this I forgot about all the crazy Mondrian ish Art. I used to the love the old foodcourt, Eaton Place. We would go there after Church. This was all before someone got shot there and that kid was kidnapped, or should I say his mom acted like he was kidnapped.
Kinda forgot how malls were such a way of life. I always loved the mall scenes in movies. Like Valley Girl and Legend Of Billy Jean.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Cant think of Versace without thinking of that part in the movie Showgirls. Its VERR Say CEEEE
but for real they are collaborating with H&M

Wonder if it will be more old school Gianni style then the romantic Donatella

Monday, June 20, 2011


Brie the destroyer aka Chewbaca has been terrorizing cords since day one. Today while stretching after working out, she took a bite into my headphones........ Gah! Her reign of ruin is adding up not to
-5 pairs of headphones, for ipod and studio style
-2 phone chargers
-1 laptop charger
-various other cables B uses for work
-the pull cord on my favorite (and only) hoodie

you would never guess by looking at her, that she is a demon

Just thursday I took a zip car to the Apple store to buy a very pricey new laptop charger. The good news is , Madewell is close by and they were having a super sale. I got this scarf I have had my eye on. $9
Much to my surprise the lady working there recognized me from the Alexa Chung event and said it has been bothering her forever that she forgot to give me my gift with purchase. If I go this year I get 2!
Also today B cashed in my $7 in winning lotto tickets and bought me more. I won $25. Which is the most I have ever won! EVER!

Pre Game wedding photos

Here are some before and getting ready shots. Hard to pick favorites. These just came out at me. Esme you are amazing!

Despite how this looks my dress was super comfy. I am on my tippy toes so Lo can try and figure out how to pin the back up.


Strangley sickly homesick last night.
Love the hook of this song and the Adele sample.

and the city views..... whaaa
miss my Ls, and As, and Ns

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Love this blog- your dad was hip first

check out this pic of my dad, legs crossed, mad hair. cool as a cucumber.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Magic Forest

While in Detroit I got to meet up with the amazing Esme and get my wedding photos. I could not be more elated. So fun to relive some of the moments I had forgotten. These were taking in Volunteer Park the day before we were married.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

blind spot

The way I am wired I always get insane anxiety before a trip back home. No matter how excited I am. Not the regular kind with nerves, panic etc. A different sort of manic state. Could be from: deeply rooted childhood trauma (kidding), Dad issues, guilt, the unresolved feeling of being trapped and you might end up there again doing the same shit you did before, you wont get to see people, you forgot how to drive, you will somehow gain 20 pounds there, you will somehow go into epic financial debt for some unknown reason and not have money for groceries ,you apartment will catch on fire losing all your pictures (even though they are backed up online) etc etc and the list goes on................ and on

Here are the stages
-balance check book and check credit cards obsessively
-followed by making a completely irresponsible purchase for myself or someone else
-a trip to Sephora for some beauty product I never knew I needed and will probably never use and/or obsessing about how I need to have it before I go even though I have lived my whole fucking life without it
-check body for weird hairs, face for large pores, and head for grays
-clean out fridge, medicine cabinet, closet
-decide to read a magazine that has been neglected for a month at 1am
-smoke a cigarette in pajamas on the street
- ask self "what the fuck is your problem? you are happy and excited, and shit is awesome and will be fine, you ungrateful/insane fart bag! you have no real problems"
-immediately go to computer and add several more Holocaust documentaries and movies covering that topic to queue

a lot can be revealed about people through Netflix, wonder why it is not being used in modern medicine....
All of this brings me to this one point..... and that is

Monday, June 6, 2011

Forks Over Knives

God I am so scared to see this movie. The food industry is evil. (as i dream of wine and ciggarettes)

also have not looked at this list in a while.

THE DIRTY DOZEN or things you must buy organic!
domestic blueberries
sweet bell peppers
spinach, kale and collard greens
imported grapes

THE CLEAN FIFTEEN or things you can cheap out on
sweet corn
sweet peas
kiwi fruit
sweet potatoes
sweet onions

I could eat avacados allllll day

for more info

Vena Cava for Uniqlo

A little late but check out there NYC designer collaborations, with my fave Vena Cava.
The closest place to get them in NYC. whaaaaa no fair
Everything is $29!


babe of the week # 29

Cassie Ainsworth from Skins!
OK she is not a real person....... I know this
Not since Carrie Bradshaw ( dare I say it) have I been so enthralled by a characters wardrobe! Down to the last oddly placed bobby pin. Embarrassed to say I was a little depressed when season 2 ended. It probably would have just gotten stupid anyways.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


This picture of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski bring up so many weird thoughts and feelings. About them. What happened to them. Her boobs. His creepy round head.
They met while making this movie

Which is working its way up my netflix queue

things I need/want but am to cheap to buy/dont have money

new pair of BDG high waisted cigarette jeans. Best fit ever!!! Have worn mine to shreds

A decent razor. I am so gross, I just realized the last razor I bought was a travel bic in November. I have been using it since. This is just pure laziness..... (if your wondering It is not used on my whole body)

I seriously do not have any underwear that I would want anyone to see. I have some pairs that have held on for years and might just crumble into dust while I am wearing them. Then I have some that I bought and they gave me a muffin top so they live in the bottom of the drawer "just in case" my hips magically shrink

Brie is a asshole and chewed our charger, it is currently held together with electrical tape. she sucks

I own this dress in navy and it is the perfect throw on and go dress. you can wear a sweater over it and there are no weird bulges. It is not too short. a dress like this only comes once in a lifetime/year/ month. I need it in black

my hatred for my legs has moved to my toes thus shifting my fashion choices, i can now embrace sneakers and dresses, but do not want to show my toes. ewwww. or see anyones for that matter

I have worked in the beauty world for years and have never invested in a powder brush. I apply with a cotton round and it looks like shit. not shitty enough apparently

perhaps the most perfect travel bag, you can roll it up, you can stuff it. wha i want one

seriously this shit is amazing for ass dimples. like for real! and it tingles in the most awesome way

if you dont believe me I will show you my ass and give a detailed presentation on how much smaller my dimples got. say they look smaller goddamnit!