Monday, April 20, 2009

many memories where made here

now listen. i do not believe in psychic anything. i DO think that everyone can have premonitions.
i have had a few in my day and could go on and on about fucked up dreams , seeing ghosts etc.
the window to the right was my boyfriends bedroom. on several occasions when i would sleep there i would have nightmares about fires and having to jump to my death out of the 4th floor window. whenever there was a fire in the area the sirens would have me up in a panic to rub the foggy windows clear (steam heat) . i would check for flames across the courtyard. then out the apartment door to  the hall way.
two years after my boyfriend moved out the man who ended up moving into his apartment was evicted. he was a lawyer at the university a few blocks away. he locked himself in, and committed suicide by setting his apartment and essentially the whole building on fire.
classic case of smart went crazy

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