Wednesday, August 19, 2009

charmed i'm sure

I recently inherited my mother's, and grandmothers charm bracelets. This one is my Mothers. She wrote me the sweetest letter describing some of the charms.
My favorite is a little flat circular one from Niagara Falls purchased on her honeymoon , it has two little rings on it. awwwww
The violin is from, when she played violin
The Cat (you cant see his face) has a small chain that when pulled it winks. its kinda creepy
The megaphone is from when my mom was a cheerleader.
The one of Florida is from when she took a trip to Florida with her cheerleader troupe. They fit like 8 girls on one red convertible!

I'm very surprised it fits around my wrist, there are soooo many charms.
I wore it to a concert that ended up being very boring. I just sat there and stared at all the charms and imagined all her adventures!

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  1. I love that! It's so funny, I was just given some charms of my grandmas! I am still pondering what I might do with the state of Indians charm, the possibilities are endless!