Monday, May 10, 2010

Gunne Sax

I have always dreamed of owning a Gunne Sax dress! Years ago when Josh and I were on a road trip i scoured every vintage store I went to. I tried on maybe 50. Standing in hot sweaty dressing rooms. Buttoning all the tiny buttons! Sadly I could never find one that fit! BOOOO.
Yesterday a while shopping around town with a out of town friend (it only happens when people are in from out of town) I came across one! I tried not to get my hopes up.... But it fit and it was only $26!!!!!!!!! I will have to take a photo when I wear it. To lazy today. Here is My ode to GUNNE SAX!
Isn't this picture great? I would cut the sleeves off and wear it in a hearbeat!
Oh man if i got my hands on this baby blue! So sweet!

This is what I imagine Josh's ultimate fantasy dress to be. I think it would be pretty so a garden wedding

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