Saturday, October 23, 2010

A tale of two coats

Every time I fall in love with a jacket, it is always missing one essential piece. A HOOD! You can not survive without one in this rain city. 2 years ago I nailed down buying something waterproof. Which is pretty much obsolete in this town, just like umbrellas. Water creeps. This is why you need a HOOD! Now I find myself "in love" and "in like" with 2 coats. This purchase will be validated as my old coat is falling apart at the seams (MJ not known for quality)

A coat is like a friend, do you go with like or love?????????

PS.If you loved me you would buy me one.......

PSS. Both coats are from asos, if you don't know about this site you are missing out. I guess I will share my secrets, that is what blogs and love are all about

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