Monday, January 10, 2011

Babe of the week #15

Bethany Cosentino!!!!!!!!!!
God I am in love with this Babe.... why?
- she is the singer of Best Coast
-she has a robins egg blue guitar. like the one in my dreamz
-she has a tattoo of a bird
-and she talks about her cat in interviews!

Hello!!!!!!!!!! I might be a lesbo now


  1. i think monica vitti should be your babe of the week. i never knew who she was till the other day when i saw her pic in a magazine. maybe you already know who she is?

  2. i didn't but i remember modest blaise! i love the bond babes. thanks girl!

  3. Um hello, are you 2 twins???? I think you might be in love with yourself! Ha!