Monday, May 30, 2011

Industry of all Nations

TOMS can officially suck a dick....... I see more yuppies everyday wearing them. Not that I dont support the cause but it seems a little ironic that shoes that are supposed to help a cause are made in China. The biggest polluter in the world.
So I give you the Industry of all Nations espadrille, made in a small town in Uruguay and 100% biodegradable and 100% super comfy. They are hand woven and are not pre set to each foot , so you have to bend them a little. Cant wait to see how this company grows!

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  1. Yuppies have all the $$, they should buy tons of shoes so more kids can have them!!

  2. I just ordered them in navy blue. Fingers crossed that they're awesome. Thanks!

  3. yay! I think that is the best color!. they are awesome and you dont get the new shoe blister because you form them to your feet!

  4. Ew I just read an article about TOMS partnering with some right winger christians...they are getting out of control!