Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a few things

This is what a angel looks like

I am blonde and maybe a little vain

I really love my cat

I bought some color pop jeans after court today.... to put some pop in my pants?

DB got a Tub....

I call this the Babe diet

Today the big D was finalized. I feel relieved and like a piece of me has been ripped out. Have faith things will fill in.
My therapist told me she was proud of me. How do you like that?
Tomorrow I leave for Hawaii. What a great way to kick off the rest of my life. The rest of my fucking life. Had to throw a F bomb in there.
I decided to go alone. Would have been harder together. I chose to not have any friends there or my boyfriend. I did not want to walk out of one part and into someone else. If that makes sense. My therapist seemed a little concerned about that but I told her that somehow in my life whenever I have faced something really hard (like visiting my Dad when he was sick), the universe/God always makes something silly happen. When I was waiting to be taken up to get my final documents I had to sit between the 2 courtrooms. The case after me was taking forever and I was trying to just sit there and be present with my thoughts. Which were nothing special.... really I was listening to what was happening in the other rooms. Division of property battles and protection orders.... when outside you could hear this woman going totally apeshit on the streets. She was so bad you could see all the birds flying off the bus top and into the sky. I turned around to see people in court rooms had snuck back to the window to spy and people in the building across the street had done the same. She was screaming but not really saying anything and running around. I could not see her but I could she the people across the street following her with their faces and pointing. A (i'm guessing homeless man) yelled "shit the fuck up lady" yes...... shit not shut and everyone in the court room trying to maintain their composure but I could see their chests bouncing. I thought to myself..... This is not so bad... could have totally been worse

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