Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Preparing to purge

These weeks have been amazing and terrible all at once. I had my first panic attack in 8 months. What a nightmare. I have to keep reminding myself I will feel better again one day, and 8 months without is a huge success in itself. I have been listening to my guided imagery MP3s like it is my job. Trying to breath. Trying to better myself. Trying to be positive always and not afraid. Sounds silly. In other news. MIja was here! She is such a comfort to me. i wish we could walk around with our hair braided like rye bread

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  1. Always have the best time with my mija! I miss you!! p.s. No more panic attacks!! Beat those stupid things! Just breath, and remember... NO WORRIES ABOUT NO WORRIES!! :)love you!