Monday, June 4, 2012

PIcked up

this guy at the big Madewell sale. Have i mentioned this is my favorite store? In the
past 2 years I have thrown out or sold all my designer duds and traded them in. our house is so small and lacking on storage I have been tempted to throw everything out and start over. Going over to my old place later to grab somethings and clean. my place is being rented for 3 months! I have moved so much over the years and it never ceases to amaze me all the shit I keep around. Cleaning out drawers I find myself asking over and over "why the fuck do I have this" Here is a list of things I have forced myself to part with -My dads old socks (sentimental or gross? definitely full of holes) - birthday cards ( I kept the ones that showed the progression of my dads illness,or the lack of ability to sign his name. Never crossed me as totally unhealthy till now) -Stationary I don't like but feel the need to use -Clothing that is attached to good memories but will never be worn again or fit -Mixed cds I will never listen too -Jewelry that is not timeless but might hold some sentimental value , because really when I think about it everything holds sentimental value -Tee shirts I will never wear but think are funny or cool -Pictures of people I dont even talk to anymore -Samples from Sephora I am never going to fucking use if I have not by now -Lipstick tubes that are like 3 years old. They stink, and when was the last time I wore lipstick? -Tight with holes in the crotch (yes no one can see the holes but you, but you are not "that poor" anymore) Now breathe

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