Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pretzel Party!

After all the holiday madness , dreamboat and I made a trip to Macys to cash in some giftcards. For a while we had two of everything in the kitchen and barely room for one. I have since downsized .... well pretty much on everything I own. Anyways after searching for new sheets, or maybe a juicer , or maybe a bubble water. I came across this pretzel maker on the clearance table. It was hidden in between two waffle cone makers (ewwww sweets). Seriously this thing is too much fun. You make the dough. Then form it into the little pretzel shape. Dip in a baking soda wash to make it extra crispy and add toppings! I had Ula and A over and we laid out all sorts of toppings! The Winner red pepper seed and parm and garlic of course.

notice the new chalkboard fridge in the back?

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