Monday, December 27, 2010

wrap up

With Natalie Portman prego and engaged to a hot ballerina OMG!
I feel the need to mention that the first man I can remember having dirty thoughts about was this guy

Mikhail Baryshnikov........ wooo weeee man

Josh and I spent out first Married Christmas alone! It was pretty awesome. We skyped with our family. Took a nap. A walk. Watched bad movies. Went to a Merry Crampsmas party. Where they played the Cramps all night. We both got teenage drunk and stumbled home. Prepared egg sammichs and cheese sticks. To make it even more awesome there was a special on PBS. The Police live in Brazil. I think I passed out at 4am. Classic

Josh got this-------


I dont know why the picture is so small!
He also got a ton of other stuff, but I wont bore you.
I got

and a gift certificate to my favorite little french cafe, for when (and I quote) " you are sad at work"

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