Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall trends that can F off

1. the military trend is the least offending. However.... why would you take a classic pea coat or black boot and put all that ugly on it? and that necklace is just stupid, bullets are stupid
2. i remember i went to chicago when i was 12 and wanted my mom to buy this long sporty looking DKNY maxi dress. I'm really glad she didn't. sure its comfy but it screams elaine from seinfield
3. have you ever wore a backpack with a dress? its a one way ticket to a wedgie
4. her legs look like gothic snasauges.... i can imagine someone wearing them on a date, the guy taking her home. trying to pull it off pre sex and dying from a heel to the forehead , when it finally gets pulled loose
5. sherling....... if its real you are a asshole, if its fake it looks like shit...... the end

1 comment:

  1. ha! i love you. right on.
    did you see that thing its popular now to "dress like elaine" ?
    no thanks!
    gimme a short skirt and tights any day over a long tube. also this is real funny "if its real you are an asshole, if its fake it looks like shit"