Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Put the baby in the closet

Came across the sweetest blog Oh Happy Day
and found a posting about her sons room! They live in a one bedroom and turned a walk in closet into a little place for their baby. I showed it to Josh and now our new inside joke is about how I was a baby in my closet. His reaction to anything he finds terrible is always, "oh i would rather have a baby in the closet then that" wah wah
After further investigation I found there is actually a term for this " a walk in", used by mom's typically located in NYC, SF, etc
I love it! Some of my fondest childhood memories involve hanging out in tiny places.... My Mother used to sometimes make me a bed in the walk in closet off her room when I was a kid and I found it so exciting. It was a happy little cubby, just wide enough for me.

I am not serious, just think this is sooooo stinking cute
but I must admit i have slowly been cleaning out our big walk in closet bit by bit and moving things into other places

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  1. Wait....you have been cleaning out your closet??!! Movings things...to make room for something or someone? Is there something you are trying to tell us?