Tuesday, November 16, 2010

secret surprise!

So my big surprise for B was taking him out on a very very fancy dinner.
All I told him was to bring dress up clothes. It was so fun to get dressed up to go out together, with the exception of weddings we have never done that.
When we walked into La Mer
I think B was a little shocked. They welcomed us with a small glass of sparkling wine and sat us in ocean view. I was so excited I could burst. Course after course came of tiny little fancy dishes. B snapped this picture of me while we were walking. I am preparing to smoke a nervous ciggarette. I do that sometimes

The last and best course was the desert! They were so beautiful I had to get a picture. I only remember that B's had Carmel corn on top of something. Mine had macadamia creme, brownie, creme brulee , something or another and ganache. It was what dreams were made of

We were so high on champagne and romance! You can see it in our faces. When we ran into this ridiculous mascot for senor frogs we had to get a picture. A lovely couple from Germany helped us out.

We debated getting matching outfits but could not find any that looked good. Hawaii really brought out the cheese in us


  1. Aw, so sweet! You look so pretty and happy! I hope you had a nice trip!

  2. hawaii does do that, matching outfits and all! my brother is an example of that. pics are cute!