Tuesday, February 15, 2011

babe of the week #19

Emily Kokal

I will start but saying that all of the chicks in Warpaint are total fucking BABES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could even go a little gay for the lead guitarist , but there can only be one babe per week hence the name babe of the week (not babes) so lay off.

Did i mention Emily is the singer of Warpaint? She also banged John Frusciante (score!)
She has the face of a grecian statue which is kinda beautiful and kinda ugly at times. You dont have to be totally beautiful to be a babe ya know!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is also a Libra! As a rule all Libra girls are cool, amazing,free spirits!!!!!!!!! So says the stars!

1 comment:

  1. she kinda looks like you in a way.. which of course makes you both total babes. p.s. i'm a libra!