Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today could not be a bigger snoozer at work.......... I already went for coffee, took a walk, bought a 2011 calender, updated it with events (my birthday), and stared at my pores under the crazy magnetized mirror in the facial room..........

Here are some links and deep thoughts

- B and I did our taxes this weekend, much to my excitement we paid off our Euro tickets and purchased some for a trip back to the D. I was under the impression that I had $100 to spend on clothes. So I racked my brains and the internet for a coveted item to buy . I mentioned to B how excited I was and he informed me that we used it up when we purchased the Detroit tickets..... I fell into a deep depression and bought THESE to make me feel better. WHOOOOOOOOOPS

-These earrings remind me of my friend Lo..... Wonder what she is doing right now?

-When one of us does not want to get up for work in the morning B and I put this video on. THERE YA GO!

- I would really like a wall this color and a chair like this to sit on.


  1. girl keep your eyes peeled on craigslist, I just found a chair like that for my friend, 300$