Thursday, April 5, 2012

on my Radar

Best Friends forever
happy to say I really dont have any aquaintences anymore. Just people I would consider Best Friends! Because my friends are the BEST!!!!!! the fucking best

hot red ankle skinny jeans! might be my thighs worst enemy but I cant help but dream

This book, I borrowed/stole from a friend when I was married. I have been in a few relationships (believe it or not) where I was embarrassed about my sexuality . I know I am not alone in this. I have had several friends I admire confess worries about doing something "wrong" or not being able to achieve certain things. Blah Blah. You can not do anything wrong in the bedroom.. You just need to SHOW UP! and also have chemistry, confidence , maybe some lube .... and a good book like this doesn't hurt

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  1. i have been totally drooling over the In God We Trust stuff since I saw it at a boutique in Chicago! When I'm feeling like I want to treat myself to something REALLY special I'm just gonna go for it!