Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 recipes

Its no lie my last real post was a little... something. Its also no secret I cook when I'm in any mood short of stoked, Here are two recipes that have hit it big. Kale and Onion Pie Here Is the recipe via serious eats The crust puffs up big time. I suggest a big dollop of Trader Joes Dijon aioli , it may be the nectar of the gods I have been on a serious ice cream making trip and it takes a lot of work I wont lie. After attending a home show I got on the mailing list for Better Homes and Gardens. in a recent issue I came across this super easy ice cream recipe and holy shit was it a hit. I made a double batch and gave it away to :friends, neighbors, and family. Almost feel guilty for taking any credit. Here is the recipe. It is a goooody

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