Thursday, September 13, 2012

I need this book OMG

Some amazing tips from Princess Luciana Pignatelli The Homosexual Facial "An excellent astringent mask, all the rage a few years ago with chic Parisian homosexuals is this: take the white of one egg, a teaspoon of the best olive oil, beat, and apply to the face for twenty minutes. Remove with a hot face towel, lace trim optional." On the danger of not keeping up beauty routines "You take away this, take away that, and in six months you look like a cook." Hot and cold baths "Hot baths should never contain water higher than pelvic level. Above all, the bosom must never soak in the tub. Hot water only drags it down, and no woman wants that. After a warm bath, aim a good blast of cold water at the bosom and the thighs, they need it." On hair "The one rule with hairstyles is that when one is over a certain age, hair should be worn short. Short hair seems to lift the lines of a face better than longer hair. Chignons and twists are an alternative for older women, but if all that can be achieved is a dreary bun, you might as well cut it off." "You may tint your hair, wear it in a snood, pile it high on top of your head, baby-curl it or decorate it with jewels. But if you aim to please a man, he would prefer your hair long - "bedroom style. It's always been that way. Men think long hair is divine. But who wants to look as if she is in a bedroom when she is at a dinner party?" On happiness "In my ex-husband's house, everyone was unhappy, even the parrot. It was my fault too. With two strong personalities either you pull together or you destroy each other. What does that have to do with beauty? Lots!" On yawning My Yogi, Grant Muradoff, Russia's loss and Rome's gain, was pleased that I was yawning. He believes that far from a sign of boredom, yawning charges the batteries and gives you strength. It's one of the greatest rejuventators anyone can find. On lifestyle and beauty "If your lifestyle is casual, add a few eyelashes and maybe a hairpiece and forget exotic endeavours." On losing weight "...and there's Tramp on a Friday night; jeans and easy shoes. You dance solidly for three hours and lose four or five pounds." "For heightened perception without drugs plus rapid weight loss, nothing beats the oldest known treatment for obesity: total starvation." AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here

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