Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The quickest trip home ever

We just got back from Detroit/DC. Holy crap did we cram it in. I have a migraine and one weirdly bloodshot eye but it was worth it.
We took a 6am flight to Detroit, then went straight to dinner with my grampa, home to bed, then up early the next morning and on to DC. There we went to the spy museum (awesome) and ice skated with my niece. We also had a little mini Christmas, I bought my niece a tea set, everyone painted part of it and the next morning before leaving we had a mini tea party. Then back to Detroit and pretty much straight to bed. The last day I got to have breakfast with my Grampa, lunch with Lo, and dinner with my 2 favorite A's. Then home on another 6am flight! We did not even take our camera our of the bag so this is all I have

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