Friday, June 4, 2010

Dude Babes

So since the big move to Seattle I have made many great friends. Only one of these is a female and there may be a chance she is moving. This brings up the question I have been asking myself over and over. How do woman meet woman? To be friends? This scares me more then the dating scene...... Which from what I have observed from a distance is pretty gross.
Anyways ......
I wish I could import my eastly midwestern sweet peas to keep me company, but I dont see that happening anytime soon.
I compiled this list of interview questions. Just thinking of handing them out to girls. If they fill it out correctly I will ask them to be my friend or stalk them untill they are to scared not to.

1. Do you like pizza?
2. How many slices can you put away?
3. Are you the kind of person that always has gum, or the kind that always asks for gum?
4. Do you like to scratch backs?
5. Do you find farting offensive?
6. What size shoe do you wear ? (trick question)
7. Which is more important to you. A. Being cool B. Having fun?
8. Do you like to dance?
9. What are your favorite books?
10. Do you like bad TV?
11. Who is Edie Sedwick?
12. Who is Phil Collen (trick question)
13. Do you like Gangster movies?
14. Do you think porn is entertaining or gross?
15. Do you like cats?
16. Name one thing you dont like about yourself
17. Name one thing you do like about yourself
18. How loud can you burp? Do you find burping offensive
19. Do you own a pair of crocs?
20. How many other lady friends do you have?
21. Are they cool or bitchs?
22. Where you popular in highschool?
23. Who are your top 3 fave designers and why?
24. What are you ideal pizza toppings?
25. What is your favorite kind of wine?
26. Your friend has a boogar in their nose. How long do you wait to tell them?
27. Are you the kinda of girl that always carries a purse, or are you always putting shit in other peoples purse?
28. Do you like Al Pacino?
29. Do you like Rambo movies?
Tell me a embarrassing story?????????


  1. amber that's hilarious! i feel the same way....i actually just read about this website:
    online friending for girls? not sure how i feel about that hah

  2. i love this! women can be scary. if they find your questionnaire funny, they are a keeper! also, if they do own or like crocs, run. by the way, did you know there's a crocs store in the god damn mall?!?!?! it's official: the mall blows.

  3. You are so cute! I once saw a blog by an artist that also included a dating questionnaire he made up. Which, I might add, contained a question about Phil Collins. Maybe you should create your own website to meet friends??!! Or, I could just move there.....