Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today is a slow ding dong of a day, yet I find myself in the best mood ever!
After work today I am meeting with Josh at this costume/ rental store. He is going to try on their, baby blue tuxedo (with a ruffled white shirt!). I hope it fits! I imagine him wearing it partially unbuttoned with white toms shoes and no socks! Groom of my dreams!

Then we are going to meet with our officiant! I dont know what we are going to say or decide. Hope she had some ideas. Oh my its all soooooooo real. Picking vows is so crazy. I imagine myself laughing and Josh crying. I always have reversed emotions.

Yesterday I made the deposit for the day after brunch at my favorite place 22 doors! I rented the patio. I have spent so many hours there with great friends and it is also where I welcomed 28 this year. Spoke to my little Imanol yesterday and he was green with envy. So sad he is so far away on this special day.

Sadly, I heard that some of our invites have arrived open! Which is awful. Those damn browen envelopes! I liked all of them and stuck them shut with stickers. Now i have to contact everyone who has not rsvp'd and explain. blah blah. poooooooo

I cant believe so many people I love will be here so soon. I shake just thinking about it. I hope to do accomplish these things

-taking family to the seattle center
-having a cheese and wine picnic with my bff's in cal anderson
-making dinner for my lo and family at my appt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-going out with my ladies for cocktails
-eatting at our favorite italian place

ahhhhhhhhh now the waiting game

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  1. cannot WAIT to see you in seattle, gorgeous!!!