Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A long time fan of TOMS!. I thought it was cute when i browsed there web page today and saw that they added a "wedding" section. interesting.......... these might be comfy to switch into when the heels start killing. i like the blue
or these fancy girls
they also have these wedges now...... cant decide if they are cute or going a little to far.......


  1. ughh the wedges are TOO FAR!

  2. really? i like the wedges.

  3. i guess they're kinda cute, but what i loved about toms in the beginning was the simplicity, and the function, and their philosophy, and this just seems like marketing. I guess its still good to support them and buy these, its just weird to see them take the toms, these perfect utilitarian shoes that mold to your feet, and create high heels out of them. they arent as bad as the heels that look like converse, but they still leave a funny taste in my mouth.