Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We are all moved and settled in to the new place!
I keep calling it our "appartment mansion"
It is only 750 square feet, but it is 750 square feet of perfection to me!!!!

Posting from work so sadly no picture spread today. Here are some things around the web!

---- after working my ass off, moving, and paying insane deposits. I broke down and bought myself a new dress. EEEEEEKKKKKKKK may have bought the cardi above as well.

---- I knew I was on to something!!!!!!!!!!! WINO POWER

---- I miss the old hook in the wall phones!! Look at this Gossip Set

---- The very best dry shampoo for the Dirty Girl on the go!

---- I dont know how you keep up with new music, I am guilty of...... dare I admit this? Using Urban Outfitters free playlists. Before you judge, let me mention that I do not drive or have a radio. Which in the past is where I would listen to new things. Oh bug off! Here is Lstn 13 you cant be that cool if your reading my blog ha!

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