Sunday, March 27, 2011

too long

I have not posted in so long, have been very busy! with what you ask?
-decorating our new place
-selling things on ebay
-working weddings
-quick trips to portland
-cooking up a storm
- watching the UK skins!!!!!!!!!!!
-and just working as normal
- at this moment i have blondies in the oven. never made them before
- day dreaming about summer, and buying a new pair of summer shoes

which one do you think i should get???????


  1. First and last pair! Get 'em both!

  2. I like almost all of them! I think you should get the green pair, I like the grey too! Send me the links to the pairs you don't buy & I will get them:-)

  3. the top teo are madewell, the middle urban, and bottom two are asos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you can get them even if i do silly. at this point who knows if i will get any. booooo