Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Its no secret that I Live to make Lists!!!!!!!!! For goals, groceries, thoughts etc. J Bear told me today that I am the most proactive person she knows........ Dont know what that says about her! wha ha. What a complement... Maybe the biggest.
Here is my latest list
30 things I was lucky to 30 before 30

1. I am a work in progress ...... every second of every day, I am changing and hopefully for that better or can make up for the worse someplace else
2. Always go with your gut
3. Love is a dog from hell
4. It is also a snugly Cat
5. The best songs are the ones that take your mind places
6. Your parents are people too and they make mistakes. Save it for therapy
7. The only thing you should fake is confidence
8. Relationships are the best teachers
9. Never regret caring for someone... even if they were a butthead
10. There is a huge power to putting things into the atmosphere. Or acknowledging what you want or desire
11. We are all fucked up
12. Enjoy yourself ...... have as much fun as you can as often as you can
13. In most cases the best thing you can do for people is to really listen and say thank you
14. mix tapes and books are some of the greatest gifts
15. If you dont feel the need to fight, it is not worth fighting for
16. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder
17. Emotions can turn the most together person into a whiny 3 year old
18. No one has it together
19. You are better looking then you think
20. never under estimate a big ass and a smile
21. Never be embarrassed by your music preferences
22. Being passionate about anything, is so cool . Cooler the cool
23. The best friends are the ones that tell you what you dont want to hear and drive you to the airport
24. Lots of money does not equal happiness, it usually just means you have more crap in your garage
25. If he does not walk you out to your car, its over
26. Never attach bad negative feelings to food. Eat that shit!
27. Sex is nothing like it is in the movies......... Actually nothing is really like it is in the movies
28. Your one lucky bitch
29. Never worry what people are thinking about you, they are probably thinking about themselves
30. and the best life lesson my Mom ever taught me was and I quote "some people are just assholes"

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  1. I like this. mix tapes/cd's will always be the best gift. and yes, movies have ruined our sense of reality! shit is never the same.