Thursday, September 29, 2011

when life gives you lemons

It is probably because of a choice you made..... even cancer really when you think about it.

I really do love lists. This one just might be sad but true. Especially in my current situation

So big one for me. This friday I will traveling abroad alone... Here is my list of things to do.
- Wander...... and wander some more
- Learn how to eat alone at a resturant, like I will have a choice
- Buy a nice pair of shoes
- Think about myself
- Write and Write more
- Read
- Celebrate "il dolce far niente" or the sweetness of doing nothing
- Listen to myself
- Leave it all behind

Been reading so much about Saturn Return. These past months I can feel myself shedding habits. It is not scary because it feels right.

As you might have guessed my Husband and I seperated....... I dont feel like anyone needs a explanation. The easiest way I think is to say. That we loved eachother so much we tried to stay the same, but we changed , and now we love eachother so much , we are letting us be us.


I spotter this lil dude the other day, made me feel warm a gushy inside

and so on and so on


  1. what you say about your relationship is beautiful and a really positive loving way to look at things. i am sending good vibes your way, and if you need anything i'm here. T and i have had our fair share of changing and growing etc, so i can understand how you feel.
    big hugs for you! much love amber!

  2. ENJOY your trip! Every second!! xoxo