Friday, September 30, 2011

Peace muthas

they just paged someone called Enner Van Ennerson.

This is my attempt to blend with the Icelandic crew while waiting to board. I call it boushy-chic
Jesus my flying pills are kicking in.

So I will write freely.
Do you ever wonder if they video tape the people that see the body scans? I mean I know they cant see your face and the image is destroyed, but like they are totally alone in there. I wonder if someone has jerked off while on the job.

Before I checked in I smoked a pre flight cig. It started to rain and this man walked by and made a comment about it, and I said " you'll get used to it". He kinda scoffed because I think he only heard "get used to it". So I walked away and didn't get to enjoy it!

Today I was thinking about when you graduate high school and they say "today is the first day of the rest of your life"
I kind of feel like that today. Like I really .............. sorry the pills
Everyone keeps saying your so strong. I think it takes strength to stay in the same place. It has always been easy for me to go with instinct. In the end the best gift you can give someone you love it your own happiness. You can not make anyone happy if you can not feel it yourself.

It is really weird to see ladies that are totally old and have obviously fake tits. I mean good for you.

I really wish I had never gave away my copy of the razors edge. I really feel like post war Larry. Going on in search of some transcendent meaning of life.
So far I think it just means right now

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