Thursday, April 1, 2010

back in seattle

so we have returned.... where to begin.
well i ended up buying a new coat, i know it is lame but i could not sleep i was so worried about it. i bought a new one the last day we were there and when i picked up my old coat from the cleaners i was so glad i did because...... the stain was not out. drycleaning does not exsist there. they just washed it and dried it (big no no). i felt like my crazy paid off for once.

josh and i spent our last day strolling around the beach of SS. touring the aquarium. eatting of course, and taking a coffee in bilbao plaza. then tapas with imanol and lucia. i will miss them so much.

took a train back to madrid and walked around a little bit. bought some sammi's and then had a lost laptop party at the hotel. by lost we mean the show and laptop we mean we watched it on the laptop.

traveling back was easy until we got to canada and had to go through their customs. seemed stupid since we were only gonna be there for a hour. kinda wanted to be like, hey man its non of your business whats in my bag. the security to get into the states was crazy. they did this weird thing where i had to put my hands in my pockets and then they swiped my hands and tested it for something. totally bizarre. but better safe then sorry i guess.

anyways so good to be home. hefner almost smothered me to deaf in my sleep. i have been carrying him around like a baby. sweet guy.
now ciao!

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