Friday, August 5, 2011

Bizarre Crush #1

Will be the new continuing series over here...
first off
JOE WALSH!!!!!!!!!!!
I said Bizarre. Maybe they all wont be weird.

James Gang - Walk Away by killgore777

uhhhh if you would have showed me this video at 13, I would have tipped over. That Hair and Shirt and those arms. forget it dude. tack on a creepy stash years later oh boy.

I just had a scary thought. What if all the hot rocker dudes of today..... look like this when they hit the late 50"s
and no one has the balls to tell them to lose the Kangol hat...... sadddddd

Speaking of crushes, this blog is amazing!
Bangable dudes in history
I wish this girl was my friend......


  1. joe walsh of yore..babe. but that last photo is so not good. he killed rock n' roll in that photo.

  2. Maybe he borrowed it from Samuel L. Jackson?? SNAKES ON THE MOTHA F-ING PLANE!