Sunday, August 14, 2011

A love song for SASSY

Maybe it is the therapy forcing me to keep revisiting the 90's. Either way...... looking it back it was pretty bad ass. Ha. I mean parts. Was the decade I started reading fashion magazines. Loving dirty long haired boys, and buying Sassy. What a rad magazine to have at that age. I have been scouring the web for scans of ANYTHING from Sassy and here is the result. I think I might have even saved some from the last attic clean out at my moms but they might have not had it through the ultimate pre move purge

I loved Todd O from House of style (remember his Target Line in 2002?) Anyways I had this issue and attempted at the tie skirt. made it as far as hand stitching part of one tie to another. Wha. I then tried the cut offs, but was to shy to wear real shorts. The end result was far more Fred Flintstone then Sassy babe

Uh I want her look now!

B's ultimate crush

Not a Bad idea.....

So funny and awesome that this was scanned. I actually read this during a long boring summer before 9th grade and cut the backs of my adidas sambas! To make them ever more awesome I painted the stripes with nail polish. Dork

My girl Milla. I asked for DKNY thigh highs for Xmas in 7th grade. My poor 13year old thighs were no match for one size fits people without baby fat


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