Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy Baby

So as a blessing my freelance work has gotten crazy out of control and busy. The money is flowing in and filling up all the holes B and I need to smooth over before our trip. A dental bill there, a train ticket here, a target bill from cat litter palooza. I can hardly come up for air. These breaks I get at my regular job are so appreciated! Ugh I hate money. Mo Money Mo problems.

Well anyways this week should be exciting, despite the fact that I work all 7 days (but I love my job so really its ok) . I will be hosting our very first house guest!
Mija the Monica my long lost bestie on the westie is coming to visit!!!! I cant even imagine her back again, if only for a few days. We were inseparable for so long and then she moved.... Wha!

This hot ticket is launching! Wonder how it looks in person.... HERE

you know how I love me some diffusion labels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to make every last second of summer last.

We tried out this Beach on Sunday

Ahhhhh Madrona! I had such high hopes for you. You seemed to tempting when I attended a wedding shower on your lawn... with your clean bathrooms, and diving platform thing a ma dos. Your sand looked so smooth and rock free. You however suck!
After being pumped all day and spending a lifetime filling up our floaties with air at the gas station, we get yelled at by the teenage life guard for taking them past the white poles. The water was so shallow you could see the upper torso of a 3 year old. After getting hot in the sun I swam out to the platform, which was covered in poop. Where did this come from? I found out only a few minns later when a flock of geese flew over dropping huge turds on the platform and in the water I had to swim through to get back to land. They dont have Geese at Denny Blaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or stupid rules. Hope I get at least one more beach day

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