Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Round up

So these last few weeks have been insane. We found out B will be losing his job. This bomb dropped right after the purchase of a Van and some hotel rooms in Amsterdam. DOH! Oh but life goes on and we will survive.
When things go shitty I like to go into money saving mode. B and I have been so blessed that we have not had to do this in forever. Had to think about it last night, and it is time. Here are my steps and it is gross how much money is saved.
-only go out to eat once a week together
-one lunch can be bought at work, pack rest of week
-make own coffee!!!!!!!!!
-drink at home
- but only one scratch ticket on pay day
-buy needs over wants, I need toilet paper, but I want shoes, but I cant use shoes to wipe my ass


This weekend was fantastic, and it was extravagant, and will not be happening for a long while.

Friday- we went to movies in the park...... Xanadu was the feature. Which you can guess inspired my love for Olivia's hair
Then we had a few drinks with friends at my favorite secret bar. shussssh
These are blurry

Saturday- I worked 2 jobs, scored this number for $22 bucks

B played a show here

and to much fun was had
Sunday- I woke up in pain from the night before, we had a great brunch here. It was kinda rainy that morning so it was super warm and cozy in there. We were lucky to score a seat at the bar

Then we stayed home and did nothing, but watch The Whitest Kids you know, take naps, and later killed almost a entire large pizza

ahhhhh, days dont get much greater


  1. Oh Mija! I must send you a care package soon to hold you over! Sorry B lost his job. That blows. Any new prospects? You are the QUEEN of living glamourously on a budget! I never had so much fun as when I was saving dough with you. I have something saved in my diary from when Nate & I were trying to save money...called "Ballin on a Budget" I'll have to find and forward to you. It's F-ING HILARIOUS.
    good laugh over it.

  2. Lots of prospects. Really I am happy, when the intial oh shit went I way. I realized he would never have let on his own and he hated it there. He will get unemployment and I am finally making some good money too. So what do ya know! xoxoxox misss you and yes I wanna see it!