Sunday, June 5, 2011

things I need/want but am to cheap to buy/dont have money

new pair of BDG high waisted cigarette jeans. Best fit ever!!! Have worn mine to shreds

A decent razor. I am so gross, I just realized the last razor I bought was a travel bic in November. I have been using it since. This is just pure laziness..... (if your wondering It is not used on my whole body)

I seriously do not have any underwear that I would want anyone to see. I have some pairs that have held on for years and might just crumble into dust while I am wearing them. Then I have some that I bought and they gave me a muffin top so they live in the bottom of the drawer "just in case" my hips magically shrink

Brie is a asshole and chewed our charger, it is currently held together with electrical tape. she sucks

I own this dress in navy and it is the perfect throw on and go dress. you can wear a sweater over it and there are no weird bulges. It is not too short. a dress like this only comes once in a lifetime/year/ month. I need it in black

my hatred for my legs has moved to my toes thus shifting my fashion choices, i can now embrace sneakers and dresses, but do not want to show my toes. ewwww. or see anyones for that matter

I have worked in the beauty world for years and have never invested in a powder brush. I apply with a cotton round and it looks like shit. not shitty enough apparently

perhaps the most perfect travel bag, you can roll it up, you can stuff it. wha i want one

seriously this shit is amazing for ass dimples. like for real! and it tingles in the most awesome way

if you dont believe me I will show you my ass and give a detailed presentation on how much smaller my dimples got. say they look smaller goddamnit!

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  1. I really like that dress, where did you get it? Are those BDG jeans good? I have looked at them before but I never tried them on. I am worried they won't fir over my fat legs and ass!!!!!