Thursday, June 30, 2011


Where have I been?
Well in a nut shell. Our computer broke (bad), and I picked it up today and it looks like new(good)! Some how I did not get charged the $280 flat rate. Just slipped through the cracks. What a blessing.
With all good news is bad news. I have also had a new installment of what I like to call "Panic Disorder a love story or how my body likes to surprise me". The newest addition is Tremors.(bad) Totally not as fun as the movie. Or to better explain Shaky hands. This has become totally amusing while in the work place holding scissors by peoples heads. Being proactive I went to the Doctor today and was put on beta blockers! Google it, its fun. I am also beginning cognitive therapy. I also got weighed which is always super traumatic for me, and I lost 8 pounds (good!) since the last time I was there.
I won $25 on a Bingo ticket. (good). Had a losing streak and lost all of that over time (bad). Oh well. Play Safe as they say.
I sold a ton more clothes (good?). Almost completely rid of MJ. Think I attach him to certain part of my life and that part I am parting with. Think I am growing up, or at least my sense of style (?). Who would have thought. One day I would have a system for dressing and become a serious investor of "practical footwear"

So I am working on a special list of anxiety coping techniques , that I have discovered over the past years.
This may not be the forum for it, but its my fucking blog and in a conceited way, I think it could be helpful to you or any other cray cray you know.

Look at this fucking guy. he is stoked

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