Monday, June 20, 2011


Brie the destroyer aka Chewbaca has been terrorizing cords since day one. Today while stretching after working out, she took a bite into my headphones........ Gah! Her reign of ruin is adding up not to
-5 pairs of headphones, for ipod and studio style
-2 phone chargers
-1 laptop charger
-various other cables B uses for work
-the pull cord on my favorite (and only) hoodie

you would never guess by looking at her, that she is a demon

Just thursday I took a zip car to the Apple store to buy a very pricey new laptop charger. The good news is , Madewell is close by and they were having a super sale. I got this scarf I have had my eye on. $9
Much to my surprise the lady working there recognized me from the Alexa Chung event and said it has been bothering her forever that she forgot to give me my gift with purchase. If I go this year I get 2!
Also today B cashed in my $7 in winning lotto tickets and bought me more. I won $25. Which is the most I have ever won! EVER!

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