Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I'm Loving now

Daydreaming about


Pants! or trying to wear them more/ find good ones for thick thighed ladies
This blog made me re think Wearing The Pants

When the Sun shines in Seattle. You have to soak up every second

I cant get enough of scratch off bingo tickets. White Trash city over here

This total Nerd fest of a blog The MALL HALL OF FAME!

How awesome that the mall by where I grew up is in it! Wonderland! So weird to see places that do not exsist anymore. Untill I saw this I forgot about all the crazy Mondrian ish Art. I used to the love the old foodcourt, Eaton Place. We would go there after Church. This was all before someone got shot there and that kid was kidnapped, or should I say his mom acted like he was kidnapped.
Kinda forgot how malls were such a way of life. I always loved the mall scenes in movies. Like Valley Girl and Legend Of Billy Jean.

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