Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AB's top tips for the cheap ass

do you know what your looking for?
-check amazon ..... make sure it is really the item and brand and not "like"
-check ebay ...... see above
-plug brand in at shopstyle check sale spot to narrow down
- join a few sample sale websites and patiently await, or be put on wait list if item is sold out. they do come around
- call store's help line if item is sold out, it might be located at another store and most likely will be on sale and will ship for free. this is how I got a $129.99 shower curtain for $20.00
-type in brand and description into google and search images, sometimes under the radar small scale stores will pop up, and usually they have great prices........... wont give up my finds just yet

keep on keeping on

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  1. Thanks...I will most likely have you to thank for my fall wardrobe!